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Recycling Crow

Observed: 10th September 2011 By: anonymous spotter
Carrion Crow Recycling
Carrion Crow Recycling 1

Apart from cawing loudly as I stepped out of the car, this bird showed no inclination to fly off, even when I approached close enough for a careful stroke. It didn't seem at all ill, perhaps it had been gorging on picnic leftovers?
The red cast to the feathers is a camera artefact I've reduced but can't altogether remove.

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Possibly a Juvenile?

I've noticed that young birds of several species are far more trusting than adults, and will let you get quite close to them.
This suggests that fear of people is something they learn from the behaviour of adult birds. Crows, rooks, and other corvids (jackdaws are great) are easy to tame; when I was a lad 50 years ago we used to rear birds fallen from nests, and they were full of character!

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I remember as a teenager seeing a Jackdaw on the garden fence. After much encouragement, it eventually flew onto my outstreched arm!

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looks like a beautiful

looks like a beautiful healthy bird to me