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Scanned seaweed2

Observed: 7th September 2011 By: rossherardrossherard’s reputation in Plants
scanned seaweed2

This is a scanned version of the seaweed as the earlier photo didn't attract any IDs.

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Certainly looks very

Certainly looks very interesting. I think we are a bit short on people with expertise in seaweed, at least beyond the limited number of species normally shown in seashore ID guides. Will see if we can find any other experts.

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Thanks for that. I've

Thanks for that. I've certainly never seen it before and couldn't find it in a fieldguide. There was only the one bit, washed up after very rough weather. It would be nice to have it ID'd.

Ros Sherard

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Rossherard, Was the second

Rossherard, Was the second observation the same bit just put on again? It is possible to add more than one photo to a single observation and to edit observations after you have submitted them so you can add extra photos later.
If its from a different location then it does need to be a separate observation though.