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Unusual garden plant

Observed: 24th August 2011 By: hfraser02026hfraser02026’s reputation in Plantshfraser02026’s reputation in Plantshfraser02026’s reputation in Plants
unusual garden plant

Large (over 5ft) garden plant, spiky and very striking- any ideas?

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Globe artichoke

We grow this, a very stately plant with bold foliage and large flowers whose succulent phyllaries and involucre bases are eaten. The flower colour is an electric blue. In the Asteraceae family.We find it needs staking as summer gales easily blow it over.

David J Trevan

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I think it is a stunning plant,don't have it myself but have planted it before.


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Where is this? love

Edinburgh except for the weather (born London which I also love to visit:)

Hazel Trevan

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This is at pollock halls,

This is at pollock halls, where I work. It is student accomodation most of the year, but is used like a hotel throughout the summer so you can come and see for yourself!