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Observed: 5th March 2010 By: mrs-smithmrs-smith’s reputation in Birdsmrs-smith’s reputation in Birds
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male outside feeding cage and female inside.Haven't seen any in the garden in 15 years before this winter, though seen in nearby hedges before.

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Lovely birds! By the bye, where did you find the feeders? I have trouble with woodpigeons, and the blackbirds struggle with the concept of the standard mesh cage.

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The feeders are from a firm called Gardman who do a good range of wild bird stuff and most garden centres stock at least some of their things. However collared doves can get in so I imagine wood pigeons could too.My problem is with rooks and jackdaws and they can't!

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Surprised you say a Jackdaw

Surprised you say a Jackdaw can't get in but a Wood Pigeon can, especially since the latter are bigger...

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Love the bullfinch especially

Love the bullfinch especially this time of year when their colours really stand out. A good reliable place for the North West is Meresands Wood nature reserve, not far from Martin Mere WWT. Always a good number on the feeders there.

Just go out there and do it!!!