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_MG_1070 agaricus

Observed: 10th September 2011 By: miked
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Growing in clumps by roadside under oak/birch woodland on sandy soil. No particular smell, rather little colour change (certainly not yellow) when base of stem scratched but instant chrome yellow when cap scratched, cap picture is a bit underexposed, its whiter than shown. colour of cap rather variable, out of about 10 specimens in small area most started off with brownish patches then ended up white.


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I was asked to id some A

I was asked to id some A xanthodermus and got very little colour change. A drop of KOH caused instant bright yellow on the cap so if you have some handy.

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Thanks, I did n't happen to

Thanks, I did n't happen to have potassium hydroxide to hand. I wonder if these have been collected as there were a couple of people with baskets collecting b.badius nearby and these ones were so obvious all along the road.