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_MG_1001 slime moulds

Observed: 9th September 2011 By: miked
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3 different species of slime mould within a few cm of each other, did not have to move the tripod to photograph all 3 species. two species shown here, the white one and brown one. also the bright yellow Fuligo septica next to these.


No identification made yet.

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These are two stages of the

These are two stages of the same slime mould but we need the third stage of maturity to stand a chance of identification

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will see if i can get back

will see if i can get back there to take some more photos.

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Amazing transformation.

Amazing transformation. overnight the white porridge had turned into these little balls on stalks, that picture is more close up than the original one as seen by the size of pine needle across the photo.
However the brown long bits were still brown long bits, i still think this is another species possibly stemonites

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The grey stalked balls could

The grey stalked balls could be diderma or physarum