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Badger mark 2

Observed: 2nd September 2011 By: Ray HintonRay Hinton’s reputation in Mammals
Badger mark 2
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Roe deer

The scrapings are a little high for badger, and a little low for red deer but perfect for roe deer.

As mentioned above, they'll be cleaning the velvet off their antlers.

The location is also on the very edge of the red deer's distribution but is OK for roe deer.

My only concern is the date, roe deer don't have velvet on their antlers till spring and this looks like fresh damage. They could have been eating the bark. Did the damage look like the bark had been rubbed/scraped off or pulled off in strips?

The other alternative is squirrels but they tend to strip in a narrow band around the trunk, ring barking the tree and killing it. Therefore, I think we can rule them out.

Graham Banwell

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