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Lycoperdon echinatum Spiny Puffball

Observed: 9th September 2011 By: miked
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Lycoperdon echinatum Spiny Puffball

Not sure if the spines are long enough for this species but not sure there is anything else it can be.


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After going through the key

After going through the key and descriptions again in the Pegler puffballs book still think it is more likely L. echinatum, the spines could easily be 3mm long, have now added the photo with ispot card, put wrong photo on before, shame card is not upright and only has 0.5cm divisions. They, there were a few more scattered about singly sparsely over the area of ancient oak/chestnut/beech/birch woodland, seemed intermediate between L. echinatum and L. nigrescens but not near enough L. nigrescens to give that as an ID.

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According to Fungi of

According to Fungi of Switzerland L echinatum has spines 3-5 nigrescens 1-3. The spores are more spiny in echinatum but slightly smaller.