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Observed: 16th August 2011 By: BaruchRosengarten
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I was driving along the B6277 in Baldersdale County Durham when I saw this group of 3 goats. Just past the junction with Kelton Lane. I wanted to know what species of goat they are. I have been back to the area again but can't see them.

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From the horns and light

From the horns and light coloured head, it looks a bit like an Ibex, but cannot be sure.

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This is a male of the original primative british breed, the British Goat Society call them Bagot goats but most people refer to them as feral or mountain goats. They are not a different species to the ones you see on farms just a different breed.

I had not realised there were any this far south in Northumberland though I'm sure someone will correct me! They are mostly relic populations of domestic goats which found themselves homeless during the clearences of the 18-19th centuries.

Graham Banwell

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I happily stand corrected and

I happily stand corrected and hope that these old species can be sustained as resources for the future development of goats.