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Spider in decaying leaves

Observed: 4th March 2010 By: Mojo2tiger
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
Spider in dead leaves

Dark red/brown colouring. Small

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unknown spider

It looks like it may have banded legs, but is too out of focus to identify - by 'small', do you have an estimate of length, not including legs?

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About 2mm or so for the body with the total (including legs) 5mm maximum I think


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Ta for the info - it's definitely not Harpactea (which is 6-7mm long plus legs and a different shape) - given the size, it'll probably be one of the money spiders (family Linyphiidae), but even that's not certain as there are other candidates such as genera Phrurolithus, Cryphoeca and others. I think in this case, all we can be sure of is a spider of the suborder Labidognatha (Araneomorphae) as this covers all UK species except for two of the Atypidae which are very different to this one.

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Thank you.

I really need to improve my photography skills I think.


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The legs may only appear to

The legs may only appear to be ringed, however it is definitely a male - look at the size of those palps! Almost certainly a linyphiid (money spider). There are 250 or so of these in Britain; take your pick!
Money spiders are really difficult to photograph without specialized equipment; easier to find larger spiders!