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Is this the same toad?

Observed: 31st July 2011 By: RefugeeRefugee’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesRefugee’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Toad 1
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I have put on our resident toad to show how quickly the skin tones change over time after adding comments to the amphibians forum where this issue is under discussion. It was dark Tan 28/06/11 image 4 and a bit blurred as i was still trying to make the camera focus in the dark then light brown with markings 31/07/11 image 1 and then light brown with slightly darker markings on 01/09/11 images 2 and 3.
All the pictures were taken within 2M of each other. We think it is living under a domesticated sage bush.

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Colour change

It is possible that it's the same toad although I wouldn't like to say for sure. Individual toads can vary quite a lot in their colour (or rather, shade). The change can be a result of various factors such as temperature or stress (many amphibians will darken slightly if you handle them).

In this case, if it was the same toad, the colour change would most likely be down to something like temperature. Was it noticeably colder when it was darker?

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I feel that it may have been handled by children in another garden and as a result moved in under my sage bush to get some peace and quiet. It has been coming out to hunt after i water the veg patch.
It was warm enough for me to need to water the garden and later go out to get rid of the slugs. There are plenty of large earth worms that just grow long enough to reach down to kitchen waste that has been buried for digesting into useful compost however deep i dig it in.
It has got plenty of live pray.