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Photo tips

Flowers are often submitted with no clear view of the leaves. With digital photography this should be no problem if you carry a spare battery and even a second memory card. If you are away from home there is often places where you can hire an internet connection to email your images home (make sure you have paid your internet bill though). I do if i get a chance look at other pictures to see if there are things that are missing so that i can avoid the ID problems others have had in the past. The first year leaves of bi-annuals are often absent burdock is one of these that i spotted. With flies it is top, side and face in most cases if it settles for long enough. Spiders are much the same. They are often seen through the web so that we get a view of the under side that is often less useful for an accurate ID.

Lets see if we can get some more tips and hints here.



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Photographing active invertebrates

I find I get more images of e.g. flies if I sway gently in and out when trying for different angles, or levels of focus - and minimize use of the hands holding the camera. i.e. by using the slower, heavier muscles of the trunk, rather than the lighter "jabbier" ones of the hands, the subject is less inclined to take fright (and flight).