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Moorhen Chick (not Coot)

Observed: 8th September 2011 By: anonymous spotter
Coot Chick

The birds here are fed by visitors - this bird and its siblings were playing the "cuteness card" for all it was worth.
Revision: sorry, I do not know what mental aberration caused me to enter "Coot" for this one. As pointed out below, the feet are quite distinctive.

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Apologies -

As noted above, I'm not sure why I entered the wrong species, especially as I also photographed a (probable) parent at the same time!
Perhaps it was a senior moment...

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Oh dear!

My niece calls them 'cutes' but I don't think even she would muddle them up with moorhens. Never mind, it comes to us all ....

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"It comes to us all ...."

Yes, but I'd hoped not quite yet!