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Libellula depressa

Observed: 20th May 2011 By: camelbirder
Cornwall Bird-Watching and Preservation Society
camelbirder’s reputation in Invertebratescamelbirder’s reputation in Invertebratescamelbirder’s reputation in Invertebrates
BBChaser LP 20-5-11 (1)
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Both correct!

Both IDs are correct as they refer to the same species!
Nowadays most people would refer to this as a chaser, "Broad-bodied Libellula" was one of the earlier 'English' names applied to the species, when Cynthia Longfield provided English names for UK species for her 1937 dragonfly book (many of these names included the genus name).

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Strangely enough it's the only Dragonfly that I call by it's scientific name, so added this into the name box and did not check what English name it was given. Must check this in future.