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Bird of prey

Observed: 8th September 2011 By: LizWakelyLizWakely’s reputation in Birds
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Small to medium sized bird of prey, flew onto window ledge then fence post (as photographed)

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There are several ways you

There are several ways you can tell a Sparrowhawk from a falcon (Kestrel, Merlin) when you see it this well, but one of the easiest for beginners is the colour of the eye. Hawks have yellow eyes, falcons always dark eyes.



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This is a female sparrowhawk.
They are larger than the males and do not have quite such bold colours on the head and back.

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The irregularly barred underparts and the buff edges to the feathers on the wing and back make this a juvenile. It may be a female, but it can be difficult to judge at this age as the plumage is similar for the sexes. Size can be hard to judge, too, on a lone bird.


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I would agree with ophrys that this is a juvenile bird and also there does appear to be a slight rufous tinge to the barring on the breast, which may indicate that this is a juvenile male.

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Rufous barring...

The rufous tinge to the barring on the breast might indicate that this is a juvenile male, but it is not that unusual for females (of any age?) to have some rufous barring on the breast.