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Unidentified longhorn beetle

Observed: 2nd March 2010 By: Tina Whitmore
Isle of Wight Biodiversity Partnership
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Unidentified beetle 1

Observer reports that upon unpacking a delivery of new furniture, this beetle was discovered.

  • Unidentified longhorn beetle
    Confidence: It might be this.
  • Unidentified longhorn beetle
    Confidence: It might be this.
  • a longhorn beetle (Semanotus)
    Confidence: It might be this.
    Likely ID
    a longhorn beetle (Semanotus russicus)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Interesting beast - do you know where the furniture came from? It looks like a member of the genus Semanotus which doesn't occur in Britain, but I can't be sure (and definitely not which one, though it looks close to S. laurasi) - plus I guess it could be an odd colour form of something more familar. If this turns out to be genuinely unusual, I imagine the longhorn recording scheme might be interested: Dr Martin Rejzek, http://www.brc.ac.uk/scheme_details.asp?schemeChoice=7


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It's not one I've seen before, and Dave's suggestion looks like a good one. Will see if we can get it checked.

P.S. to Dave: I've edited your comment to remove the email address, it's best not to give out addresses in the iSpot comments.

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The closest species I could think of was S. laurasi but the pattern's not quite right and I don't know if it is variable. PS about emails noted,