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Green Amanita Fungus

Observed: 7th September 2011 By: ranon.2011ranon.2011’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
07.09.2011 Fungus [db] for ID
07.09.2011 Fungus [db] for ID 1

This was just under the canopy of a large Holme Oak, was 7 centimetres tall, 6 centimetres across and had a green hue to the top and edge. Could be an Amanita.


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With such a distinctive look

With such a distinctive look I feel we should be able to come up with a definative id. The best suggestion I can come up with isA porphyria which is described as grey with crimson tints radially fibrillose and rare brownish velar remains. The ring is grey darker underneath and striate on top.

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Although it did have a

Although it did have a greyish background, the green was very distinctive even on a smaller one

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whats wrong with A.

whats wrong with A. phalloides?

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I did consider that but the

I did consider that but the grey rather than white ring and the striations on the stem confused me but looking through some of my photos there are some specimens with similar striations. The green colour is certainly indicative.

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Have put phalloides as the ID

Have put phalloides as the ID as I went back through photos too and
this was a large number of specimens within a few metres, only put a couple on ispot but most had the grey stem and ring, not sure if its variation in the species or just how they sometimes come out on the photos.

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Thanks Miked and Flaxton, I

Thanks Miked and Flaxton,
I walked by the area yesterday and saw some fresh examples and some of the ones that I photographed before. The older ones have turned into a brown / black sludge and the new ones looked very much like the previous ones that erupted. They are under or near to the large Holme Oak.
What ID do I give this now?