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Unknown beetle

Observed: 3rd May 2007 By: oceanlis2000oceanlis2000’s reputation in Invertebratesoceanlis2000’s reputation in Invertebratesoceanlis2000’s reputation in Invertebrates
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I'm not sure what flower it

I'm not sure what flower it is on, but looking at the relative size of those anthers, I think it is too small for Athous. I would guess Dalopius marginatus or an Agriotes sp.

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I'd agree with John that this

I'd agree with John that this is not an Athous spp., aside from the relative size, the thorax is not elongate enough in proportion.

There are quite a number of smaller click beetles which are difficult to identify, even with a specimen. The darkened band along the suture is more pronounced in D. marginatus specimens I've seen, but I think you can't really be confident identifying this to genus level from the detail here.

Rob Coleman

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click beetle

Hmmm... having had another look (I hadn't taken account of the flower for scale before), I would agree that the size etc are against it being Athous haemorrhoidalis (not so sure about vittatus). Otherwise, looks to be either Agriotes or Adrastus, but as Rob says, probably can't tell for sure.

If anyone's interested in click beetles, there's a good gallery page to European species at www.kerbtier.de/cgi-bin/deFSearch.cgi?Fam=Elateridae, plus a British page at http://elateridae.co.uk/