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Cup Fungus

Observed: 6th September 2011 By: anonymous spotter
Paxina maybe

The weather was turning from very windy to very wet and windy: my wife showed a reluctance for a prolonged mycological survey.


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sounds familiar but with bored Border Collie

I have just found the same and think it is P.acetabulum even though it say's spring/summer as our season's are all to pot this year.I found very large amounts under Noble fur also found one but colour all the same,weather conditions also rubbish,so much coming up now was out for 4 hours and very wet.


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I also had a Border Collie -

who had strong opinions about walks. The clue was in the name for her - walking! Not stopping to photograph things, or to talk to people... However, a prolonged wallow in any water found - the muddier the better - was permitted, if not actually compulsory.
I had thought this might be P. leucomelas - fits the season and the colour, but the specimen doesn't have the splitting of the margin that seems to be characteristic.

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Some do

Some of mine had the split and others not,so maybe they get it when full grown as some I found were 5cm in dia.I also ended up with my dog sitting on specimens then deciding that it was more fun digging for stones in the stream.