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Observed: 7th September 2011 By: leenestofvipersleenestofvipers’s reputation in Invertebratesleenestofvipers’s reputation in Invertebratesleenestofvipers’s reputation in Invertebratesleenestofvipers’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Body 10mm. Living on my curtains. Dark brown with yellow spots on abdomen. legs orangey at the base becoming green. Can anyone tell me which species?

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body shape

The body shape seems wrong for the false widow which appear to be more rounded.

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I wouldn't rule out a

I wouldn't rule out a Steatoda. My first thought was one of the larger linyphiids but 10mm body length is more like S. nobilis.

I can't tell from photo 2 whether the white patches on the abdomen are central or whether there is another row of them further over.

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The marks on the abdomen were yellow. The marks aren't central. When viewed upside down it looked like a smile with eyes and eyebrows.
Will add another pic which might be clearer.

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Thanks Alan

I had a look through some pictures of male steatoda grossa and this looks right so thanks for pointing me in the right direction Alan.I have overstated my confidence level as I meant to put 'It is ikely to be this but I can't be certain'.