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Gorse Shieldbug

Looks more like Gorse Shield Bug to me.

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I have just added another

I have just added another side-on photo. I dont know if that helps to confirm the identification.

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Green /Gorse SB

John You could be right The Pronotom did nt look quite right. Unfortunately the resolution is so heaviliy consolidated with pixelation its hard to see any detail on the Scutellum in its absence the Green SB is best fit unless you can see anything else I wonder what plant was it found on or near ? I note the antennae/legs in so far as can be seen are red orange and there is possibly a yellow outline but its not clear at all however the more you look the more it looks like a GOrse SB which if second generation will be quite green at the moment

Best wishes


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I found a good colony

I found a good colony recently with not a gorse bush in sight.

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Gorse Bushes Present

I have just added a third photo, but I dont know that helps at all. However, I can confirm that the shieldbug was on on grasses in close proximity to a small patch of gorse.

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I agree this looks more like Piezodorus, although I'd also like a closer view of it. Not having gorse in the vicinity is not a problem - they can feed on quite a few different leguminous plants.

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Gorse v Green

Yes Its a real poser - as you cant see the surface detail as the pixels have merged . but it could well be the Gorse SB


Against : I cant see any Yellow margination on that exposure / shot

For : antenna and legs do appear to be orangy brown.