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Observed: 27th August 2008 By: peelypeely’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

this is a photo of a lizard which lives in and on a drystone wall in our garden. I have only ever seen one, but it regularly basks and runs around on sunny days.

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There are several colonies of common wall lizards in the UK, but I haven't heard of any as far north as this. Is it only the one lizard? Do you know anything about where it came from?

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wall lizard

I have only ever seen one lizard so presumably it is the same one. The location is redevelopment of old farm buildings which were derelict for many years. We have seen the lizard every year since we moved here in 2003. The original farmer's son now lives nearby so I will ask him if he knows anything.
We call it Norman though don't know if it is male or female.

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Norman is probably right

Thanks for looking into this. The pattern does look like a male so Norman would be a good name. The pattern and colour resemble animals from northern Italy of the sub species Podarcis muralis maculiventris, which is the most common form found in the UK.

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Wall Lizard (Podarcis muralis malculiventris/muralis interbreed)

The ID's given are pretty much correct, and the specimen derives as an escapee from my garden - very close by. I am surprised it has managed to avoid predation over this length of time especially by the local feline population.
The animal was/is one of a few that I use as an exhibit for talks to schools, visits etc as part of my duties as Secretary of the South Yorkshire Amphibian & Reptile Group - SYARG