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Black bumble bee, Suffolk

Observed: 28th July 2011 By: Suffolk Wildlif...
Suffolk Wildlife Trust
black bumble bee
black bumble bee 1

This is what appears to be a black bumblebee seen by one of our Suffolk Wildlife Trust volunteers in her garden. Are these photographs good enough for idenfification? Using the Natural History Museum online bumblebee identification key I have narrowed it down to a possible rare black form of a few more common species or a possible rare species.

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Bombus terrestris

Looks like a dark form of this commmon Bee

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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It has the long face that

It has the long face that would make it either hortorum or ruderatus. Both of these have melanic forms, but I think hortorum always has some white on the tail. It is not terrestris, which has a short face.



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