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Devils Bit Field

Observed: 5th September 2011 By: KevbertKevbert’s reputation in PlantsKevbert’s reputation in PlantsKevbert’s reputation in PlantsKevbert’s reputation in Plants
DevilsBitField 1
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A large area is just covered in Devil's Bit Scabious.

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Species with which Devil's-bit Scabious (Succisa pratensis) interacts


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It is not the only one!

in the spring i discovered a field that looked like oil seed rape. It turned out to be cowslip. It is not cultivated so now i have a better camera i will put some pictures on next spring.


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That must be quite a sight. I used to drive past an embankment which was covered in cowslips. :)

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marsh fritillary

this is a vital plant for the marsh fritillary butteryfly as devils bit scabious is its larval food plant. lovely to see it covering such a large area like that!