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Small purple-blue flower

Observed: 1st September 2011 By: Amiguru
Small purple-blue flower

Found by a footpath close to Salhouse Church. Appears to have ten petals but has in fact five.
Regretfully I didn't make a note of size but it was about 10 millimetres across.
Cant seem to pin it down so would appreciate help with this one.

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Do not think I can take my previous revision off

or can I???

Hazel Trevan

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You can't edit or delete an identification once posted, but you can add a further one.

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Small purple-blue flower

Thanks for your efforts corylus; I agree it is a bit like G. bohemicum but the petals are rather more indented. I don't think nodosum is quite right.

So far, I am leaning towards synangium's ID of G. pyrenaicum having 'Googled' all three species in images.