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An Evening in Thetford Forest

Observed: 30th June 2009 By: Andrew GoodallBirds expert

An evening walk with the local birdclub.

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I expect you heard their distinctive "tchisick" call, always followed by a soft "croak" but this is easy to miss. On a camping expedition many years ago in Snowdonia I noticed that the woodcocks roded in the early morning as well - but in the reverse direction and the calls the other way round! I half expected them to be flying backwards...

Bob Ford

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You are one of many in 2009 who seemed to post without pictures.
Has the pic gone missing from the post or did you not have one?
You have no agreements in this one but in some others there are (agreements).

And Bob, if you pick this you still stick by your story about reverses?
I am trawling old postings if you wondered - purely personal interest.

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reversing woodcocks

I wouldn't swear by it - it's just a recollection from 35 years ago!

Bob Ford