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Lichen Hunt

Observed: 5th September 2011 By: nc5339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course completeThanet Coast Project
Lichen on rock 1
Lichen on rock 1 1

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Lichen Hunt

Well, flat, yellow, on rock and, facing North.
Is it folicose? Help me identify it precisely please.

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It's hard to tell from the photographs, but this looks like crustose to me. Other than this, it is difficult to identify further.

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Thanks Alan for identification

Thank you for your tip. I looked up the licen website and thought it might be caloplaca marina, just because it is next to the coast, but I think your identification of 'flavescens' is more likely.

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Inland and coastal

Yes, C. flavescens is an inland species that is also common on coastal rocks, as are a number of other Caloplaca species. The placodioid margin rules out C. marina, but separating C. flavescens from the strictly coastal C. thallincola can be a headache at times.