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Oak tree

Observed: 5th September 2011 By: gb5636
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Large tree in grassland next to river, think its an oak needing conformation, well over 40ft high standing on its own. Some people wanted a photo of bark and leaves, hope this can be of assistance. Thanks again.

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Quercus cerris

Purely based on the trees form as there is no leaf or bark detail, I would suggest that this is a Quercus cerris (Turkey Oak).

The wider Fife area is recorded as being within the common distribution of Q. cerris.

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Land use

It could also have bushed out following cutting of surrounding trees at a time when there was a shortage of grazing and fence posts or pit-props. The bushing out below the old canopy would put the time at about 50-70 years ago. Tools for cutting large trees would have been hard to get in order to harvest the odd one here and there at that time.


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oak tree

Thanks for your observation this tree as I said is near the river its neighbours have all blown down in recent years so its the last one standing in that area, maybe after the adverse weather of the last couple of days it will be a goner as well , have to go and check later.Thanks again.

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A close-up of leaves, bark

A close-up of leaves, bark and acorns would help enormously to pin it down!