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Evening in the Forest

Observed: 30th June 2009 By: Andrew GoodallBirds expert

An evening walk with the local birdclub looking for Nighjars

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A really great bird, probably bigger than most people except. There's lots of old folklore about them too - they are supposed to steal milk from goats!


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That is how they earned the local name of Goatsucker. In some parts they are also called Churn Owls.



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There's also been some discussion in the birding community about how far they fly to feed - in Dorset they are sometimes seen well out to sea!

Bob Ford

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Nightjars in Yorkshire

In Yorkshire nightjars have decreased in their traditional heathland breeding sites, even going exticnt from some.

However, they have appeared breeding in newly cleared conifer plantation in the North York Moors, 20 miles north of the lowland heath. The Forestry Commision in Dalby Forest now manage their tree removal to benefit nightjars, leaving the odd standing dead tree and clear felling on a strict rotation. There are now more nightjars in the forestry areas than there were on the lowland heaths 10 years ago.

Graham Banwell

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Nightjars in Yorkshire

That is great news Graham. It is certainly clear fell areas here in Thetford Forest, Norfolk that have helped the birds along.

Andrew Goodall