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Posting older sightings

I've got some older photos from a trip to Mull (I think it was 2005 but I need to check the photos for the exact date), this includes Common Dolphins, Minke Whale, Razorbill and more. Is it not possible to include photos from this far back on the site? I'd rather not post a photo and then pretend it's from another year.




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Someone can do this!

I note with interest that some users do know how to overcome the apparent restrictions on the drop-down calendar. There is a recent posting (8th March 2010) by Dioctria entitled 'Tachinid Fly' with a sighted date of 15th May 2004.

Perhaps Dioctrina, or someone esle, can share how this is achieved.


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How to add older observations

When the calendar pops up just press the tab key. This hides the calendar and you can type the date in manually in dd/mm/yyyy format.


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So simple!!


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Thanks for this. I'll try

Thanks for this. I'll try this when I get home later.