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Observed: 3rd September 2011 By: gb5636
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This is an apple tree in field next to my house, can anybody tell me which variety.Red apples facing east about 9ft high.

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A bit more detail please

If you could get a closer photo of the leaves and fruit, it would help enormously. These are the details that help with identification. Certainly, there's lots of Rosebay willowherb in the picture!

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Apple ID

If its randomly growing in a field it may be a seedling that's grown from a discarded apple core - in which case, not any specific variety. If you think it may have been deliberately planted there at some time, I suggest you take a sample of fruit to a RHS apple day at one of their gardens over the next few weeks or to Brogdale Trust apple day (Kent)for identification. RHS also offer ID service to members by post.

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apple tree

Thanks for that the reason I can not get a closer picture there is a ditch round it and its covered in bramble bushes, and I do not have a zoom lens on my camera,the tree has been there for about 10 years that I know of.