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Lichens in Malpas churchyard 002

Observed: 4th September 2011 By: Julia
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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lichens in Malpas churchyard 002

On red sandstone.


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Not Caloplaca teicholyta

The definition isn't good enough for me to make a suggestion as to what the lichen is. (Close examination with a lens needed.)

However, Caloplaca teicholyta has a thicker, less cracked thallus with a more-or-less lobed margin, the surface often with rounded areas producing dark powdery granules (soredia). It is primarily south-eastern, unlikely to be in a Cheshire churchyard (northern records often incorrect).


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I'll try and get another

I'll try and get another photo as this one was the most common in the graveyard. It was on pratically every gravestone.

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One to consider

There is a familiar look about this thing and it looks like it might have irregular black apothecia with thick, white margins, sunk into the thallus. In which case, Aspicilia caesiocinerea is a distinct possibility. It is often a common species on nutrient-poor ("acid") rocks.