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Observed: 3rd September 2011 By: ianlawrenceukianlawrenceuk’s reputation in Birdsianlawrenceuk’s reputation in Birds
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I thought this might be a juvenile Goshawk but I'm probably being a bit hopeful!! It is more likely to be a female sparrowhawk.

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Yeah, it had me a bit

Yeah, it had me a bit confused at first too. The white patches threw me a little.

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White patches

The white patches are just the feather bases showing on the scapular and other feathers, because the plumage is a bit ruffled...it can look as if there are actually white feathers. It is a young bird, as there are buff fringes to the feathers visible on the head and back: Adults do not have those. A Goshawk would look much heavier, with a broader back and more thick-set head.


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The explanation is very helpful thank you. At least you could see why we thought there was a chance it could be a Goshawk even though reason said it was a Sparrowhawk! Nevertheless a lovely photo of a magnificent bird.

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Thank you both. Very helpful

Thank you both. Very helpful indeed.

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It could be a young bird, it certainly doesn't look like a full adult