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Observed: 29th August 2011 By: ap3535
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Family Rosaceae. Medium (20-40cm) plants with dull green leaves arranged on stem as stalked 3-lobed leaf plus two smaller fan-shaped leaves clasping the stem. This specimen shows the bristly burr-like seedheads. The flowers were 1cm approx dia, bright yellow with 5 oval petals.

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Geum urbanum

I've always known this as Wood Avens - Herb Bennet is a new common name for me. It seems to like my garden a LOT!!

Clare Flynn

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I remember in my gardening

I remember in my gardening days, if you got it in your plot it was very difficult to get it out! Very tough root system. And also the burrs carry the seeds eficiently on gardening clothes..