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Copper Underwing Roost

Observed: 1st September 2011 By: Mike CookMike Cook’s reputation in InvertebratesMike Cook’s reputation in InvertebratesMike Cook’s reputation in InvertebratesMike Cook’s reputation in Invertebrates
Copper Underwing Roost

During our annual inspection of bat boxes, we found this one (Schwegler Woodcrete) with what looks to me to be at least 15 Copper Underwings. At least two had flown before I took the photograph, so originally there was 15 to 20 of the things.
I had not realised that Copper Underwings used communal roosts like this!

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Amazing picture

From the picture it could be either Svensson's Copper Wing or The Copper wing because the wings are so similar - it would have be conclusive visually to see some palps. The Svensson's palps are dark with light tips, and in comparison the palps on The Copper Underwing are light and look almost bald.

mustang sally

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Some eminent entomologist (Colin Plant I think) has examined (and dissected) a lot of specimens of both and dis-proven the palp character as a reliable way of separating the two.

The only reasonably reliable non-dissection method is to examine the underside of the hind wings.

David Howdon

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Thank you for the informative comment David

mustang sally