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Juvenile Goldfinch

Observed: 2nd September 2011 By: geoffEinongeoffEinon’s reputation in BirdsgeoffEinon’s reputation in BirdsgeoffEinon’s reputation in Birds

Suddenly, our feeders are 'overun' with juvenile goldfinch! Some still begging for food from parents. Others - like this one - older and competent with feeding on sunflower and nyjer seed and fatballs. Juveniles are distinguished by the lack of the adult's striking red and black head markings

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good year

I am experiencing exactly the same thing over the past couple of days but thought it must be a late brood,so I think mine have had three broods and all very healthy too.I don't know how many they normally have.


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Normally 3

Mine normally are three brooded (it is interesting to watch the development of plumage between broods) but this year they have only had a single brood. Mind you there are far fewer fights for the Nyger.


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This is only my first year

This is only my first year birding again since i was young, but my impression is that this year has been very good for goldfinches. I can almost guarantee seeing some every time i go out of my house.

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I have had to start to ration mine as they can clean out four large feeder's in a day so it is a good job I buy in bulk,have also planted about 50 teasel's last autumn so that should help as I can have up to 30 at a time feeding (rural area).Thanks for the information on broods as I did not know.