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Bird seed?

Observed: 3rd September 2011 By: reba
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I haven't seen this flower

I haven't seen this flower before and I can't find it in my guide. My best guess is that it is an "escape" from the bird feeder which hangs in an apple tree.

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Not sure

I am not sure what it is, but it is definitely not Spring Beauty, which has a very different form, with leaves joined around the stem beneath the flowers.


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Not sure either but possibly buckwheat

Puzzling over this but suggestion above of buckwheat looks very close. Are the lower leaves stalked and the upper ones clasping stem? Also, it could well be that buckwheat may have escaped from a bird seed mix!

Clare Flynn

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Is known to spring up from bird seed, especially seed that is used for feeding game birds

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Swayed by the pic In Cassell's

but from Ispot & my own distant memory agree on Buckwheat.Nice birdseed. Hazel

Hazel Trevan

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buckwheat in bird seed

Lower leaves are stalked, willow 300. Upper leaves when young are stalkless and the flower grows from that axil. As the leaf ages and grows its stalk, it - as it were - takes the flower with it away from the stem so that the flower grows from the leaf rather than the stem of the plant. The plant has much smoother leaves (less veined) than the buckwheat illustration in my guide but otherwise buckwheat fits. Also Panoply's photo accords. Many thanks.