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Alchemilla xanthochlora ?

Observed: 9th August 2011 By: synansynan’s reputation in Plantssynan’s reputation in Plantssynan’s reputation in Plantssynan’s reputation in Plants
Alchemilla xanthochlora
Alchemilla xanthochlora 1

Leaves +/- hairless above with spreading hairs below, 9-lobed, middle lobe with 15 teeth. Petiole with dense, spreading hairs.

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Any words of wisdom from

Any words of wisdom from Chris Metherell or anyone else who is familiar with this difficult genus would be hugely appreciated, even if it's a no-no without further info.

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Sorry - duplicate post

Sorry - duplicate post

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Agree it's odd.

I have stared at these photographs more than once and I agree that it doesn't seem typical for A. xanthochlora, but I have no alternative to offer. Despite these being apomicts, there is evidently a degree of genetic variation in the species and so xanthochlora does seem most likely. If this was in my own vice-county I would want to get it checked out.


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A big thank you for your time and thoughts Alan. I hope to revisit soon and take a closer look, but will probably be left none the wiser.