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Observed: 2nd September 2011 By: ap3535
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Family Polygonaceae. Low (10-20cm) upright (and also prostrate) branching annual plant with dark green, unstalked lanceolate leaves, dark green stem, and whorls of small, dark-pink flowers with 5 petals. Flo. Aug-Sept

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Future concepts

I have added agreement to "Knotgrass agg." as this is a segregate that is not really covered by current books and does not easily fit into any of the currently accepted species of the group.

We are waiting for the relevant volume of Sell & Murrell's 'Flora of Great Britain and Ireland" to be published - this will contain an account with a number of "new" species (actually most recognised in the past but forgotten about). This is one of them. I cannot check critical characters from the photograph, but it looks like P. agrestinum.

Arthur Chater has recognised and mapped them in his recent 'Flora of Cardiganshire' and, like him, my experience so far is that the forthcoming extra species are recognisable in the field and work better than the present unsatisfactory lumping.


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Thank you, Alan.

Thank you, Alan. Unfortunately I can't manage a better close-up of the flowers.