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Irish Eyebright

Observed: 23rd August 2011 By: JulieBJulieB’s reputation in PlantsJulieB’s reputation in Plants
Irish eyebright

One of the many lovely wild flowers of the limestone landcape, The Burran, County Clare in Ireland.

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Not familiar with this sp.

Didn't spot this when I was there many years ago.Dryas octopetala was a highlight,also Gentiana verna growing by the water tap on a farm campsite.This is on my list of return visits to come someday.

Hazel Trevan

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What is it about this species which makes an ID possible from this photo? Is it a vegetative feature or is this the only species which grows there, perhaps?


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You are right to ask the question

As you will see from my revision above, a firm ID is not possible.

E. salisburgensis is a very nice little species, but it is only locally common on the Burren - less so than a few other species. The photograph here is not it!

N.B. Euphrasia is a very critical genus and people should be very careful about adding agreements unless they are really sure!


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Sorry for my contribution to misidentification... ID reference was a Guide book to the wild flowers of the Burren. In my ignorance, I took this to be the one in the book. My daughter has a photo of it too, will see if I can upload that when she returns from her Field Study Course next week. It may be a clearer picture.

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No apology needed

You posted a nice picture!

True E. salisburgensis has very narrow leaves with remote teeth, and the whole plant often goes a coppery colour.

Even on the Burren it takes some searching for and I have seen quite a bit of wrongly named herbarium material.