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5 spot burnet

Observed: 20th August 2011 By: JulieBJulieB’s reputation in InvertebratesJulieB’s reputation in InvertebratesJulieB’s reputation in Invertebrates
5spotBurnet2 3
5spotBurnet2 3 4
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Six spots

Although it may look like there are five spots, there are two at the 'front' of the wing. The five spot also has two spots there, but at the 'rear' or distal end only has a single spot. The six spot has three pairs of spots.

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Counting Spots

Thanks Littorella, you've helped my understanding of the difference between the 5 and 6 spots :)

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I should have said...

No bother. After I'd clicked the save button I realised that I should have added that I really enjoyed the pics. Quite an impressive sight.

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Glad you enjoyed them. Was fascinated by these moths and surprised to see so many on a small plant, ragwort I think?