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Purpley fungus

Observed: 2nd September 2011 By: lalows2lalows2’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Looking at the NBN map this is a new record for our area - Fylde (Lancs) - But probably because no-one else has looked, don't know any out and out mycologists around here.



The magic of nature is all around us - we just need to learn how to see it.

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Hi D Yeah, that's often a

Hi D
Yeah, that's often a problem with records, it's not that people aren't seeing them, just that they aren't recording! Alternatively, there may well be mycologists doing recording but that their records a) aren't getting passed onto their local records centre, and b) the local records centre might not be putting the data onto the NBN.

Sarah West
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Yorkshire and Humber