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Observed: 26th August 2011 By: an2723
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Does anybody know what this plant might be? I came across it on the pavement close to a public park. It doesn't seem to be grass. Could it be some type of foliose lichen? The leaves are quite fleshy, not like grass at all. It's not like moss either.


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It's not a lichen

I'd reclassify that one under plants. Might be tough to get an ID but you'll have more chance there. :-)


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It's not a lichen

Many thanks, David. I'll try re-posting it under plants and see if that works.

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This plant could definitely be stunted due to its situation but

the nearby park or maybe another nearby area could have parent plants so it could be worth another look around.Not a lichen.

Hazel Trevan

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It's not a lichen

Thank you for your comment, Hazel. I'll have another look and also re-post it under the heading 'plants'.