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Holly Leaves with white? (Fungus?)

Observed: 2nd September 2011 By: ranon.2011ranon.2011’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
02.09.2011 Holly leaves white fungus1
02.09.2011 Holly leaves white fungus1 1

This fungus, if that is what it is was only on a few leaves and all in the same 15 metre area. They were under a large holly tree that is on the edge of a golf course fairway. the open side of the plantation faced west south west.


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Bird excrement?

Localised, rather thick deposits of emissions from roosting birds can look all too like powdery mildews until examined closely (or even put under the stereo microscope!).


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Not birds, as there were many and not clustered; all low down, about 30 - 40 centimetres from the ground. At first, I thought that it might be limewash used to mark out parts of the golf course, but there were no markings nearby and these were too spread to be accidental limewash splashings. Can get and send a sample if required.