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Observed: 31st August 2011 By: dajmcunliffe@bt...
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A small tree or shrub similar in trunk and bark appearance to Elderberry. The fruits were about 15mm length and generally similar to a green grape with areas of pink blush. They contained a single stone like a cherry or plum. Several were on the ground

  • Could be a plum relative?
    Confidence: It might be this.
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got any

did you pick one,as the shape of stone would help to confirm plum family it would be flat almond shape.I have seen these in an old orchard I used to work in and they were yellow plums,so I would say your suggestion is right.


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Plum-like shrub

The stones were flattened a little, like ripe almonds as you suggest. The flesh was very like a grape in consistency, softer than plums usually are, and was niether sweet nor sharp. You coulod have mistaken it for a grape apart from the single stone.

I will accept your suggestion of a yellow plum, but am very disapponted it was nothing more exotic!



PS - although now living in Worcestershire, I lived in Newcastle from 1947-1959. I envy you living up there.