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Hares of Hertfordshire

Observed: 1st July 2009 By: ba888

If you want to see these creatures here is a spot where you're virtually guaranteed a siting in the evenings, especially in early summer:,0.001073&t=h&sll=51.811998,-0....
Remember to approach quietly from upwind, move slowly and wear dark clothing. These things have 360 degree vision and incredible hearing.

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Brown hares are very common on the Yorkshire Wolds, they can be seen from any road in spring before the vegetation grows to high.

I see hares every time I cross the Wolds to work in spring (maximum count in one field was 15) and have been very lucky seeing them 'box' at least once every year. Apparently this is a courtship ritual between a male and female rather than aggression between two males.

Graham Banwell

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We are fortunate to have lots of Brown Hare in west Norfolk as well.