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Fungi, Highlands

Observed: 1st September 2011 By: tluthmantluthman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Found in pine/birch woodland


No identification made yet.

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Fungi, Highlands

Bolete possibly

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It would be useful to have a

It would be useful to have a picture of the underside of the cap (to see if there are pores or gills). If it has pores, then as ranon suggests, it is a boletus type. Often with these species you also need to bruise the flesh (most commonly done by cutting the specimen in half) to see what colour changes take place.

Sarah West
OPAL Community Scientist
Yorkshire and Humber

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Thanks for your help. I'll

Thanks for your help. I'll try to find another specimen and get some pictures of the underside.

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Cystolepiota moelleri?

Cystolepiota moelleri? Cortinarius flexipes?? Lactarius trivialis???