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Another JLB moth

Observed: 1st July 2009 By: dougclow
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2009-07-01 JLB moth again

Another moth spotted in my office (Jennie Lee Building). This one was pretty quiet and sleepy.

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tricky moth

This does look rather like Ingrailed Clay, but in that species the dark spots on the wing are outside the two 'stigma' markings (reniform and orbicular stigmas), whereas on the moth in your photo the dark spots are the two stigmas themselves.

I spent a long time comparing this with Mottled Rustic, but eventually decided that the aptly named Uncertain moth was a better fit. Would be good to get some more opinions on this one though.

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I think you're right that this is Uncertain!

This is a tough one to identify at the best of times and this is quite a worn individual (see the bald patch on the thorax!). However the rounded wing shape is a good characteristic to go on, and I would say Uncertain is a good bet.

Rob Coleman