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Strange invertebrate

Observed: 31st August 2011 By: robinswood

Found this creature inside the lid of our compost bin. Have not seen this before, we have loads of worms. There are several of varying size the largest are about 1inch long.

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Strange creature

Could this be some sort of leech? We have put pond debris into our compost. It is not like the leeches that I have observed in our pond, which are black. These are sort of greyish brown and seem to have a definite head end.

Anybody seen anything like this in their compost or elsewhere?


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I'm pretty sure they are keeled slugs going off the 'ridge' along the back, the general look suggests to me the common keeled slug (Tandonia budapestensis) and this is the most widespread.

I also often find slugs (and worms) in and around the top of my compost bin, it's almost like they try and climb to the top without coming out into the light and so end up tucked around the rim of the lid!