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Penny for your thoughts

Observed: 18th August 2011 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in Fungi and LichensChalkie’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Aug 2011 178 Penny Bun pores and stem
Aug 2011 177

Is this a Penny Bun?


Caution: Do NOT use iSpot to identify fungi to eat!

Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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Penny Bun?

It's not a penny bun, sorry! But the Bay Bolete is just about as tasty. But you really need someone to check properly for you...

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I wasn't going to eat it.

Just like to know what it probably is.

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Thank you

Some sort of Boletus anyway. 'Suede bolete' sounds much nicer than 'boring brown bolete' which is how one author describes it. I thought it was rather lovely. It did look suede-y.